About Steve

 Steve Dolinsky has won 13 James Beard Awards for his TV and radio work. Currently, he is the Food Reporter for ABC 7 – Chicago. His “Hungry Hound” reports air on the ABC 7 News at 11 a.m. on Fridays and 10 p.m. on Saturdays, covering a range of food and drink-related topics. He is the Co-Creator/Host of The Feed Podcast with Chef Rick Bayless (which garnered a Beard award in 2015 for best podcast) and also writes occasionally about food in the travel sections of the Chicago Tribune and Canada’s Globe and Mail. Steve is also a frequent contributor to Public Radio International’s “The World.”

Before joining ABC 7, Steve was Executive Producer and Host of “Good Eating.” The weekly, half-hour show aired on CLTV, the 24-hour cable news channel owned by The Tribune Company. He produced and hosted 52 shows per year for 8 years, garnering six Beard Awards for his work there.

You can follow his eating adventures on Twitter and Instagram @stevedolinsky.

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About the Book

Steve Dolinsky had seen one too many “7 Hottest Pizza Places in Town” listicles online, when he decided to take the task upon himself. Rather than rely on dubious, biased pizza reviews, he made it his mission to tackle as many places as he could in the city and suburbs, all while documenting the good, the mediocre and the downright overrated. Over the course of a year, he managed to sample pizzas from 185 locations, whittling it down to his top 101 spots. The research led to two major epiphanies: first of all, Chicago is a “thin” town, since most of the pizzerias in the region specialize in “tavern-style” pizza that’s square-cut, thin and crispy. Second, the reason the Windy City is “Pizza City, USA,” is because there are 10 distinctive styles of pizza, rather than the paltry five they have in New York. In order to prove his point, Steve also tackled 54 places in the New York City region over the course of four months. The book features Steve’s top 5 choices in every major category, separated by city and suburbs.