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Every other Friday, Steve talks to some of the world’s greatest pizzaiolos, bakers and artisans about their craft. Hear their backstories, discover their secrets, techniques and inspirations, while listening to their meticulous process as they describe how they make their truly sublime pizzas.

Alpha & Omega Pizza Farm (Princeton, MN)


Kim Hayes’ background as a culinary employee at Macy’s and Marshall Fields laid the groundwork for her lifelong dream: to open a pizza farm with her husband, Brad. They’ve spent the last 10 years renovating the ⁠Alpha & Omega Farm ⁠in Princeton, MN, about an hour north of Minneapolis, creating “Pizza Nights” on Thursdays and […]

Ryan Ososky – Dtown Pizzeria (L.A.)


Ryan Ososky has worked for some of the biggest chefs on the West Coast – Bradley Ogden, Michael Mina, Wolfgang Puck – and when he decided to go out on his own, he felt the most appropriate use of his skills would be pizza. Not just any pie though, he had to make the Detroit […]

Jerry Czerwinski – Uncle Jerry’s Pizza (Cary, IL)


Jerry Czerwinski grew up in Skokie, IL, a child of mostly thin crust and some deep-dish. He had a long career as a carpenter, before going head-first into pizza, really getting the bug about a decade ago. He and his family now run ⁠Uncle Jerry’s Pizza Co.⁠, a small suburban pizzeria where they’ve completely reimagined […]

“Eating With Your Eyes” at Pizza City Fest L.A.


We always have a couple of panel discussions and demos at Pizza City Fest, and a few weeks ago in L.A., we brought together three brilliant pizza makers who think visually as much as they do about the recipes. Justin De Leon (Apollonia’s), Ines Glaser (Lupa Cotta) and Thomas McNaughton (Flour & Water Pizzeria, SF) […]

“The Dough Whisperers” at Pizza City Fest L.A.


Every Pizza City Fest has a series of informative panel discussions and demos, and at this year’s L.A. event, we brought back “The Dough Whisperers,” three of the top bakers on the West Coast, sharing best practices. ⁠Tony Gemignani⁠ (Tony’s, Capo’s, Slice House), ⁠Daniele Uditi⁠ (Pizzana) and ⁠Sarah Minnick⁠ (Lovely’s Fifty-Fifty) join Karen Palmer in […]

Chris Decker From Truly Pizza in Dana Point, CA


Chris Decker worked for 26 years under John Arena at ⁠Metro⁠ in Las Vegas, but now he’s the guy in charge at ⁠Truly Pizza⁠in Dana Point, CA. They offer two very distinct styles of pizza and both are incredible. Chris and his crew are going to be featured at Pizza City Fest LA this weekend, […]

Jeff Barris from Hail Mary in L.A.


Jeff Barris has always been into pizza, but when he had a chance to buy an established pizzeria in Atwater Village, he jumped at it. ⁠Hail Mary⁠ already had a cult following, but now that Barris and his team have taken over, they’ve changed very little (just the sauce), keeping the same all-natural starter intact […]

International Pizza Expo 2024


Coming back after a few years of so-so attendance, still recovering from the pandemic, the 40th International Pizza Expo was a smash in almost every way. I spoke with a few attendees about why they made the trip.  

Connie Zotta from Salerno’s in Chicago


Connie Zotta is the 2nd generation to run ⁠Salerno’s⁠ in Chicago’s West Town neighborhood. The pizzeria has been around since 1966, when it opened in a near suburb of Chicago (Berwyn). Zotta’s dad, Joe Salerno, founded the business with his brothers, but since he passed away recently, she has been tasked with keeping the tradition […]

Alex Koons from Hot Tongue in L.A.


Alex Koons has had an interesting career – audio engineer, pizza delivery guy – but his biggest challenge was attempting to open a vegan pizzeria in L.A. It didn’t take long to realize he had to pivot. Today his pizza at ⁠Hot Tongue⁠ in Silver Lake (both vegan and meat-friendly) is among the best in […]

Peter Dorrance & Eric Ehrler From Outta Sight in San Francisco


Peter Dorrance and Eric Ehler met while working at Mr. Jiu’s, the Michelin-starred restaurant in San Francisco’s Chinatown. They left to open ⁠Outta Sight⁠, a NYC-style pizzeria in the Tenderloin. Convincing locals that it’s OK to re-heat slices to-order took some getting used to!

Katsuya Fukushima & Mary Mendoza from Tonari in Washington D.C.


Katsuya Fukushima spent 15 years working for José Andrés in Washington D.C., and it allowed him to travel the world. But his upbringing in Hawaii also influenced his palate, and his Japanese heritage also plays a role on his menus. He now cooks Wafu – Japanese inspired Italian – at ⁠Tonari⁠ in D.C.’s Chinatown, where […]

Brian Strutz from A Dopo in Knoxville


Like several of Knoxville’s best chefs and restaurants, owner Brian Strutz is an alum of Blackberry Farm’s kitchens. ⁠A Dopo⁠ is an homage to a life-changing trip he took to Italy years ago, where all they had was an oven. Strutz still uses an all-natural starter and his staff pulls mozzarella curds each day. Serious […]

Jenny Olbrich from The Esters in Greenpoint, Brooklyn


Jenny Olbrich has had a multi-faceted career – from private chef to designer…eventually landing in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, at ⁠The Esters⁠ – a bar and restaurant with a tidy pizza program. She talked about her path, and how she managed to crank out hundreds of pies at a time in a kitchen the size of a […]

Max Balliet from Pizza Lupo in Louisville


Max Balliet has held odd jobs in mechanics, but a life-changing trip to Italy as a kid shaped his future career. He didn’t see much of a pizza culture in his native Louisville, so he decided to create something completely unique – a neo-Neapolitan style pizza based on an all-natural sourdough starter – and now […]

Lenny Rago from Panino’s Pizzeria in Chicago


Lenny Rago has been working in professional kitchens since he was 14. Now in his 50s, the Chicago native has built ⁠Panino’s⁠ into a pizza powerhouse, creating nearly a half dozen types of pie at three different locations. We met up with him at his Evanston location, where he showed off a classic Chicago tavern […]

Daniele Cason from The Pizza Bar on 38th in Tokyo


Daniele Cason has been the Executive Chef at The Mandarin Oriental in Tokyo for more than a decade. As a Rome native, he wanted to bring pizza to the restaurant, and did so in the form of a small L-shaped bar with just a few seats called ⁠The Pizza Bar on 38th⁠. He recently began […]

Mike Lange from Noble Pie in Calgary


Ontario native Mike Lange was a graphic designer who happened to be backpacking in Australia when he met his girlfriend (a fellow Canadian). They decided to set up shop in her hometown of Calgary, where ⁠Noble Pie⁠ has been a hit almost since it opened. Demand these days is off the charts, for Lange’s artisan […]

Connie DeSousa & John Jackson from Connie & John’s Pizza in Calgary


Connie DeSousa and her business partner, John Jackson worked together in San Francisco, and since both are Canadians, eventually moved back to open CharCut in Calgary. They’ve also got CharBar there, and more recently, ⁠Connie & John’s Pizza⁠, which is a takeout only operation, though you can sometimes eat upstairs from CharBar if there’s seating […]

Matthew Wilde from Bob’s Pizza in Chicago


We’re back in Chicago and no, we’re not talking about stuffed or deep-dish or tavern-style, but rather, a hybrid between New York and artisan at Bob’s Pizza. The New York part comes from the dough – it’s stretched to 18”, the slices are foldable with no tip sag, they’re baked on stone hearths and toppings […]

James Durawa from Wy’East Pizza in Milwaukee


James Durawa grew up in Green Bay, Wisconsin, but learned how to make artisan pizza while working at Apizza Scholls in Portland, Oregon. He and his wife moved back to Milwaukee several years ago and opened Wy’East Pizza on the west side of town, serving his guests a unique pizza (by local standards); a strong […]

Donny Mellozzi from Pizza Frankie’s in Montreal


There may not be a straight line from the Italian deli and butcher business to pizza making, but Donny Mellozzi isn’t letting that stop him. His passion for pizza has been all-consuming the last several years, and its led to the creation of two types of pizza he’s making in a converted space above a […]

Educational Seminars from Pizza City Fest Chicago


During the two-day festival at the end of August, we always hold a series of educational and informational panel discussions. We have excerpts this week from “The Dough Whisperers” and the “3rd Wave Deep Dish/Pan” panels, held at The Salt Shed in Chicago.

Brian Tondryk from Bartoli’s in Chicago


When he got tired of his corporate job, Brian Tondryk decided to get into the pizza business, because his grandfather – Fred Bartoli – inspired him as a kid. Bartoli started Gino’s East in 1966 in Chicago. Tondryk had to talk to old timers, do his research and go back to his childhood to try […]

Devin Bogdan from Smith & Lentz Brewery in Nashville


Devin Bogdan has worked in restaurants around the U.S., some that have received Michelin stars or James Beard awards. For the last four years, he’s been in the kitchen at Smith & Lentz Brewery, an East Nashville bar and restaurant with an ambitious menu, drawing upon the seasons. The pizza he has developed is truly […]

Tony Scardino from Professor Pizza in Chicago


Tony Scardino is a child of the Chicago suburbs. His memories are of thin and crispy tavern style pies, but over the years, as he made his way around the kitchens of some of Chicago’s better restaurants, he got the pizza bug. The last few years have seen him and his Professor Pizza brand bouncing […]

Luca Platania from Forza in Helsinki, Finland


Luca Platania has had a tough road getting to where he is. A brain tumor scare followed his move from Italy to Finland (he followed his wife back home), where he had to learn the language. Now, he’s got several locations of Forza in Finland, and Steve met up with him at his year-old space […]

Chadwick Corcoran from Two Doughs in Agoura Hills, CA


When you start rolling and tossing dough at the age of five, you have some strong opinions and approaches to pizza making. Chadwick Corcoran sure does. In fact, he feels so strongly about both hand-stretched thins baked on the hearth, as well as pan-baked Sicilians, he decided to offer both at his suburban L.A. pizzeria, […]

Rick Rosenfield, Co-Founder of California Pizza Kitchen and ROCA


Rick Rosenfield started his career with the Justice Department, going on to become a trial lawyer and prosecutor. But he and his business partner realized early on they wanted out of law, and into the restaurant business. They decided to create a pizza brand based on the California way of living – fresh produce, seasonal […]

“The Dough Whisperers” from Pizza City Fest L.A.


Our first panel discussion at Pizza City Fest L.A. this year was “The Dough Whisperers,” a panel including three of the leading dough experts in L.A. right now: Daniele Uditi (Pizzana), Andy Kadin (Bub & Grandma’s; dough supplier for Nancy Silverton/Mozza) and Evan Funke (Funke, Felix Trattoria, Mother Wolf). Moderated by our friend Noel Brohner, […]

Salvatore LoCascio from Coda di Volpe in Chicago


Salvatore LoCascio has paid his dues. First in Italy, then in Chicago, working for the city’s best Neapolitan pizza makers. He’s now stationed at Coda di Volpe – one of only three VPN certified pizzerias in the city, where he’s adding a touch of his Sicilian heritage, and adding a new pizza to the traditional lineup.

Michael Schell from Schellz Pizza Co. in Los Angeles


Michael Schell and his wife operate out of a ghost kitchen in Hyde Park, which is just a few miles from Inglewood and SoFi stadium. It’s a pretty grim block, and it’s hard to spot, but once you do, you’ll be happy you arrived. Schell loved Detroit style pizza, and wanted to create something a […]

2023 International Pizza Expo


This year’s International Pizza Expo was back in full force after a couple of years of limping along. The Las Vegas Convention Center was filled with all kinds of vendors and suppliers, as well as pizza fanatics. I lost my voice the day before the Expo started, so it was a challenge talking to people, […]

Matt Lyons from Tribute Pizza in San Diego


Matt Lyons built ⁠Tribute Pizza⁠ as an homage to some of the greatest pizzas he’s ever had. He makes 13″ Neo-Neapolitans, pan-baked grandmas and 18″ NYC style pies, hand stretched and tossed like a pro. We spoke with Matt just before service, as he make one of his new favorites, inspired the pizzas he had at L’Industrie […]

Salvatore Grasso from Pizzeria Gorizia 1916 in Naples, Italy


When most kids were figuring out Play Dough, Salvatore Grasso was literally playing with real dough, a result of a combination of double zero and zero flour. Today’s show is all about family and history. Growing up in a legendary Naples pizzeria – Gorizia 1916 – he is the fifth generation. We spoke to him […]

Franco Pepe from Pepe in Grani in Caiazzo, Italy


Franco Pepe has been in business since 2012, but it was the Chef’s Table: Pizza episode that helped catapult him into stratospheric popularity among pizza aficionados. He has built a temple to the art of pizza – Pepe in Grani – where all dough is mixed by hand, and toppings are curated from around the […]

Sexton Garcia from Editor Pizza in Miami Beach


Tucked into the first floor of the Urbanica Hotel in South Beach, a Brooklyn-style pizza awaits, topped with Bianco di Napoli tomatoes and Grande cheese. Yes, not all slice joints in S. Beach are equal! Editor Pizza is taking the beach pizza concept a few steps further, with a slight Argentinian twist.

Robert Maleski from Milly’s Pizza in the Pan in Chicago


Robert Maleski grew up on Chicago’s North Shore, devouring tavern style, thin crust, square-cut pizza. But a visit to Burt’s in Morton Grove as an adult changed his life, literally. He’s been obsessed with deep pan pizza ever since. He opened Milly’s Pizza in the Pan during the pandemic, and just moved into a permanent […]

Dan Kluger from Washington Squares in NYC


Dan Kluger took a very different route to pizza making. A classically trained chef who has worked with NYC legends like Danny Meyer, Tom Colicchio, Floyd Cardoz and Jean-Georges Vongerichten, he started Washington Squares as an answer to COVID restrictions, when his restaurant – Loring Place – was shuttered. Now the grandma-style squares are available […]

John Margulies from Magic John’s in Berlin


From Israel, to New York City and then…Berlin of all places. John Margulies went from clubs and electronic music to pizza, deciding to open his own pizzeria – Magic John’s – just days before the world shut down in 2020. Today, he’s on a path toward expanding his brand all over Germany with his unique […]

Fred Eric From Pi’ L.A. in Los Angeles


What is “L.A. style” pizza? Fred Eric has some strong opinions on the matter. For one thing, it means using local toppings inspired by the immigrants who settled there, so Korean and Latin for starters. But it also refers to the use of kombu in the water used to make the dough. The result at […]

George Bumbaris from George’s Deep Dish in Chicago


George Bumbaris has had more jobs than most pizza makers: home inspector, real estate broker, and professional cook after attending culinary school. But he tapped into his own Greek heritage to come up with a dough for a deep pan pizza unlike anything else in the country, at George’s Deep-Dish. This is 3rd Wave deep-dish […]

Brett Nemec from Zazas Pizzeria in Chicago


Brett Nemec has worked his way up in the restaurant industry, and several years ago he decided to take the plunge into pizza. But not the tavern style thin, square-cut slices he grew up with in Chicago’s western suburbs; rather, he decided to tackle New York slices, and has been improving ever since he opened […]

David Sheridan from Wheated in Brooklyn


David Sheridan pivoted to pizza long before the pandemic, but even then he realized how important it was to use an all-natural starter for his dough. The pizzas at Wheated, in Flatbush, Brooklyn, are truly worth the journey. He’s been perfecting his craft for over a decade, and it shows. His next challenge: bagels during […]

Chris Cutillo from Austin Street Pizza in Forest Hills, Queens (NYC)


Pre-Covid, Chris Cutillo was content running a restaurant supply business, dealing with all kinds of places around New York City. But things changed for him during the pandemic, and he went down the rabbit hole, like a lot folks. He opened Austin Street Pizza in a charming block of Forest Hills, Queens. It’s easier than you […]

Andrew Bellucci from Andrew Bellucci’s Pizzeria in Astoria, Queens (NYC)


Andrew Bellucci has had a tough couple of years. After opening Bellucci Pizza with a business partner then having a falling out during the pandemic, he struck out on his own – just a half-mile away – opening Andrew Bellucci’s Pizzeria. Now, in addition to a legal battle, he has to constantly remind guests of […]

Peter Campbell from Red Wagon Pizzeria in Minneapolis


Peter Campbell has been a force in the Minneapolis food community for several years. When he opened Red Wagon Pizzeria in SW Minneapolis, he immediately tackled the issue of sourcing heritage grains for his dough. The result has been nothing less than spectacular. Combining that artisan dough with creative toppings has put Red Wagon in […]

Jeff Rogers from Wrecktangle in Minneapolis


Jeff Rogers grew up in Minneapolis, though his family is from the Iron Range, in Northern Minnesota. His restaurant and bar experience in the Twin Cities led him to open his own place, Wrecktangle, which is certainly inspired by Detroit, but doesn’t feel the need to adhere to those regional rules. Jeff creates unique flavors […]

Facundo De Fraia from Boludo in Minneapolis


Facundo De Fraia is passionate about all things Argentinean. The Buenos Aires native earned a reputation for making empanadas in the Twin Cities, but soon added pizza to his repertoire when he opened Boludo. His thin, blistered pies emerge from conveyor ovens, as do his Fugazettas – a unique pizza with no sauce, just lots […]

Aaron Lindell & Hannah Ziskin from Quarter Sheets Pizza in L.A.


Partners Hannah Ziskin and Aaron Lindell created two businesses during COVID: House of Gluten (Hannah) and Quarter Sheets Pizza Club (Aaron). Now the two have integrated both into a small shop in Echo Park, just off Sunset Boulevard, near Dodger Stadium in L.A. The pies are resplendent with soft crumb (made from various artisan flours) […]

Noel Brohner – L.A. Pizza Consultant


Noel Brohner grew up in the 1970s eating a lot of frozen pizza in California. But as the child of parents hailing from both New York and Chicago, his early impressions were shaped by frequent visits to both cities. After a life-changing experience in culinary school, he emerged as a dough whisperer of sorts, helping […]

Ryan Baddeley from Pizzeria Badiali in Toronto


Ryan Baddeley is the owner of Pizzeria Badiali, a fantastic slice shop in Queen West, a hipster area in Toronto. We talked about the must-visit places in Toronto (sorry we didn’t get to North of Brooklyn) but kudos to our friend Amy Rosen, who insisted we meet for a slice at Badiali. This is a […]

Victor Barry from Piano Piano in Toronto


Victor Barry is a chef and restaurateur in Toronto who continues evolving. He’s got three Piano Pianos, a Piccolo Piano plus two shops dedicated to pizza, and now a slowly growing frozen business. I first had his pizza sitting at the restaurant’s bar about six years ago, and I still remember how much I enjoyed […]

Ike Tzakis from Descendant in Toronto


Chris Getchell is widely acknowledged as the founder, creator, mastermind at Descendant in Toronto. It’s in Leslieville, on Queen East, and it’s among the best Detroit style pizzas anywhere. Steve was back in Toronto a few weeks ago, and so when he set up the interview, expecting to meet Chris, he instead met Ike Tzakis, […]

Justin Haines from The Ugly Duck in Amsterdam


Justin Haines missed his beloved Lou Malnati’s so much when he moved to Amsterdam, that he quit his job in logistics to open his own place. Determined to recreate the buttery crusts of his childhood, he sought out an Italian chef, took him to Chicago to eat a ton, then returned to Amsterdam to open […]

Bas Scheffer from Pizza Project in Amsterdam


Rotterdam native Bas Scheffer has been traveling to Italy since he was a child. That sparked a lifelong love for Italian culture and pizza. During COVID, he and his girlfriend would make pizzas in an Ooni oven, which led to the birth of Pizza Project, a pizzeria just a few blocks from Vondelpark. In a […]

Eytan Sugarman of Made in New York Pizza


Eytan Sugarman certainly has strong opinions about pizza. He grew up on the Upper West Side, eating slices all over the city. So when his friend suggested they open a place together, the research and development phase took on a life of its own. The result is Made in New York Pizza, which opened on […]

Pete Ternes from Bungalow by Middle Brow in Chicago


Pete Ternes really just wanted to make beer. But when he and his partners opened Bungalow by Middle Brow, their sprawling space in Chicago’s Logan Square, they realized they needed to offer something besides just drinks. Bread for sure, but why not pizza? It was an experience at Roberta’s in Bushwick that really convinced Ternes […]

Copeland Moore and the Scachatta of Ybor City


Copeland Moore is the 4th generation at La Segunda Bakery, which was started by his great-grandfather in 1915 in Ybor City, near the port in Tampa Bay. It’s here where Cubans, Spanish, Germans and Italians all settled together. The city was a huge cigar producer and gave birth to the Cuban Sandwich (but with the addition […]

Darby Aldaco from Pizza Thief in Portland, OR


Darby Aldaco got into some big trouble as a kid, stealing pizzas from stopped delivery cars. At 18, he was arrested for stealing a Domino’s pizza, subsequently losing his prom date. He wound his way through the L.A. bread scene, worked for Nancy Silverton at Triple Beam, then began commuting to Portland for a pizza […]

Todd Mussman & Chris Hall from MTH Pizza in Smyrna, GA


What do you do when a vacant space in the same strip mall near your restaurant becomes available, and there’s a pizza oven already there? If you’re the team behind Muss & Turner’s, you turn it into a pizzeria, naturally. In 2005, Muss & Turner’s took on the sandwich, trying to expand and improve upon […]

John Sundstrom from Southpaw in Seattle


John Sundstrom has been one of Seattle’s most respected chefs for nearly two decades. At Lark, he uses his knowledge and skill to create seasonal dishes, working with local farmers. But a few years ago, he decided to get into pizza, and the learning curve was steep. During the pandemic, business accelerated, and having Southpaw […]

Jerry Benedetto from Jerry’s Pizza in Portland, OR


Jerry Benedetto really missed Chicago when he moved to Portland for his wife’s job. But more than anything he missed the thin-and-crispy pizza that is a hallmark of his hometown. That passion and longing led to a Covid-fueled journey through flour, sauce, sausage and giardiniera that has led to a regular pop-up, and eventually, a […]

Justin Smillie of Il Buco Alimentari in New York City


Justin Smillie has worked for some of New York City’s top chefs, including Jonathan Waxman. He’s currently running the kitchen at Il Buco Alimentari in NoHo, where practically everything is made in-house. But the unique part of their pizza program is they par-bake the crusts, which allow for carryout orders to customize and do the […]

Derek Reiff from My Friend Derek’s in Seattle


Like a lot of people, Derek Reiff realized if you’re going to make pizza for pick-ups, Detroit fares better than Neapolitan. Thus, a pandemic pivot from wood fired to rectangular pans…and a quirky, sometimes on, sometimes off again pizza project in Seattle, catering to the whims of its owner. Best to check his Instagram (@myfrienddereks) before […]

The Modernist Cuisine Team has Released “Modernist Pizza”


After more than four years, the team from Modernist Cuisine outside of Seattle has produced an impressive body of work on all things pizza. Modernist Pizza is three volumes, plus a recipe manual, containing history, science and pizza intel from around the globe here (even if the Chicago chapter left me a little cold). It’s […]

Shardell Dues from Red Sauce Pizza in Portland, OR


Shardell Dues has worked for some of the best pizza makers in Portland, Oregon, but she’s also spent time studying butchery – a skill few of her peers has. The result is Red Sauce Pizza, a fantastic little pizzeria in the charming Beaumont neighborhood.

Scott Rivera From Scottie’s Pizza Parlor in Portland, OR


Scott Rivera has always longed for the Brooklyn pizzas of his childhood, even when he was growing up in New Mexico. His passion got the best of him, as he finally took the plunge in Portland, Oregon, where his wife’s job took both of them. Scottie’s Pizza Parlor is an homage to the great pizzas […]

Sarah Minnick from Lovely’s Fifty Fifty in Portland, OR


Sarah Minnick knew she had to tackle bread making if she was ever going to improve her pizza crust. The quest for a better dough took her down a long path, and for the past 12 years, Lovely’s Fifty Fifty has been one of the most well-regarded pizzerias – not just in the Pacific Northwest, […]

Nykolas Sulkiwskyj from Loui’s in Detroit


Nykolas Sulkiwskyj’s grandfather, Louie Tourtrois spent time at Buddy’s, the founder of Detroit style pizza. He trained with the original owners there. But once he left, he started up pizza menus at Shield’s bar, and eventually settled with his namesake in Hazel Park, about 20 minutes NE of downtown Detroit. The restaurant hasn’t changed a […]

Marie Guerra Easterby from Cloverleaf Bar & Restaurant in Detroit


Marie Guerra Easterby’s father, Gus, is widely known as the father of Detroit style pizza. But when he left Buddy’s in 1953, to open the Cloverleaf Bar & Restaurant, he brought the recipe with him, and the battle for bragging rights began. Today, Easterby and her brother run the bar and restaurant in Eastpoint, where […]

Two New Must-Have Pizza Books


There are several new books about pizza coming out – the Modernist Pizza series, most notably (and we’ll have a separate show on that) – but Steve’s latest work about Chicago history is also a must-have guide for any visitor. Meanwhile, Dan Richer (Razza, Jersey City, NJ) is about to launch his cookbook on Nov. […]

Matthew Grogan from Juliana’s in Brooklyn


Matthew Grogan loved the pizza from Grimaldi’s (and later, Juliana’s) so much, he quit his job in finance to help Patsy Grimaldi continue his vision. The New York native has seen Grimaldi through good and bad times, and feels the weight of carrying on that vision well into the 21st century. We discuss the complicated […]

Nick Buckland from Yard Sale Pizza in London


When Nick Buckland and his partner got around to opening Yard Sale, on the outskirts of London, they were looking to try to improve upon delivery and take-out pizza (this was before Covid-19). Figuring that out has helped them succeed, as they now prepare to open their 8th Yard Sale Pizza. Steve talks to Nick […]

NYC Pizza Chronicler Adam Kuban Shares His Process, Favorite Places for a Slice


Adam Kuban‘s dad always aspired to have his own pizza place. Maybe that’s why the writer wound up becoming New York City’s first writer dedicated to covering pizza. Tackling a subject as wide and deep (and occasionally controversial) as NYC pizza is no small feat. Kuban agreed to meet at Scarr’s on the Lower East […]

2021 International Pizza Expo


After a 19 month hiatus, the International Pizza Expo is back, somewhat diminished due to a raging Delta variant, but still, people from all over the country made their way to the desert to talk shop. I roamed the floor for Days 1 and 2 of the Expo, talking to all sorts of stakeholders about […]

Michael Burke from Denino’s on Staten Island


For 70 years, Denino’s has been one of the most beloved pizzerias on Staten Island. Featured in Pete Davidson’s film, “The King of Staten Island”, the restaurant is a family affair, and owner Michael Burke practically grew up in it. He shares some of the pizzeria’s secrets, and has some great advice for would-be pizzeria […]

Frank Pinello – Best Pizza (Brooklyn)


Frank Pinello grew up in Brooklyn and Long Island, and aside from hearing it in his voice, you can tell how passionate he is about creating the best slices. His work with chefs like Nate Appleman and the opening team at Roberta’s were seminal experiences, but it was when they handed him the reigns to […]

Mike Friedman from All-Purpose in Washington D.C.


All-Purpose is one of D.C.’s best pizza places, and the pies are a result of owner Mike Friedman’s many experiences at restaurants along the Eastern Seaboard. Sourcing only the best flour, tomatoes and cheese, he has elevated the typical New York thin, deck oven baked pizza, by adding hydration and a solid three days of […]

Scott Wiener of Scott’s Pizza Tours


Scott Wiener started out working in the Department of Cultural Affairs in Hoboken, New Jersey, when an impromptu pizza tour for his birthday led to the creation of a full-time business. Today there are 65 pizzerias in the Scott’s Pizza Tours universe, with more than a dozen tours offered every week. On top of that, […]

Tinder Hearth Bakery & Pizza from Brooksville, ME


Tim Semmler and his wife, Lydia, have been running Tinder Hearth Bakery from their home in rural Maine for the past 13 years. More recently, they’ve added pizza. Toppings depend on what their local farmer sells them. The flour is from Québéc and the starter is all-natural. If you’re headed to Acadia National Forest, it’s […]

Brian Spangler from Apizza Scholls (Portland, OR)


Brian Spangler has had a lot of jobs. Some in I.T., some in bread baking. But it’s the four year period while working in rural Oregon that laid the foundation for what would become Apizza Scholls in Portland. We met Spangler in the hills of Montana – at The Resort at Paws Up – where […]

Giovanni Cesarano from King Umberto in Elmont, NY


There is a lot of discussion in New York about where “Grandma style” pizza came from, but the truth is, this thin Sicilian style of pan pizza has been around for a hundred years. A former cook from Umberto’s came up with the official name when entering a contest while employed at King Umberto, a […]

Part 1 of the Umberto’s/King Umberto Grandma Saga


There are several Umberto’s locations on Long Island, but none more famous than the one in New Hyde Park, where generations of pizza lovers have visited over the years. It’s there where the pizza cooks began making a thinner Sicilian, one of them dubbing it “Grandma style.” Did they really invent it? Listen to Part […]

Bud & Alley’s Pizza Bar in Seaside, Florida


Seaside, Florida is known for its pristine architecture and sandy beaches. “The Emerald Coast” – in Florida’s Panhandle – sees a lot of tourists, especially between the towns of Destin and Panama City. But the team behind Bud & Alley’s, a 35 year-old restaurant on the water, has also established a quaint pizza bar nearby. […]

Lou Malnati’s Turns 50


Steve talks with Marc Malnati, the President of Lou Malnati’s, Chicago’s most prolific deep-dish purveyor. Opened on St. Patrick’s Day, 1971, by his late father, they just opened a new store beneath Michigan Avenue and continue to slowly expand in Wisconsin. The company sells nearly six million pizzas a year, and are known as having […]

Tandy Wilson from City House in Nashville


Tandy Wilson grew up in Nashville, went to culinary school and worked in Northern California, studying Mediterranean cooking, before exploring Italy’s cuisine and culture for an immersive education. He returned to his hometown, opening City House, in the Germantown section of Nashville in 2008. His wood-fired pies are unique, mainly due to what Wilson puts […]

Tony Galzin from Nicky’s Coal Fired in Nashville


Tony Galzin is a proud South Sider from Chicago. His wife hails from Alabama, but the two met while working at mk restaurant in Chicago. Tony worked pastry, Caroline in the front of the house. The two fell hard for each other, as well as the coal fired pies at D’Amato’s and Coalfire in West […]

Michael Hanna from St. Vito Focacciaria in Nashville


Michael Hanna has worked in the restaurant industry for several years, mostly in Memphis and Nashville. He has tapped into his Sicilian heritage and created a pizza that deserves a lot more recognition than it’s getting. He rents a space in the basement of a food hall in East Nashville, selling his St. Vito Focacciaria […]

Patti Tubbs from Italian Fiesta Pizzeria in Chicago


Patti Tubbs literally grew up in the pizza business. Her grandfather started Italian Fiesta Pizzeria on the city’s far South Side in the 1940s, and the recipe hasn’t changed a bit. A young Michelle Obama (nee Robinson) grew up on the pizza, and turned her family onto it while they lived in Hyde Park. Patti […]


Nella Grassano from Nella Pizza e Pasta in Chicago


Nella Grassano grew up in Naples, and pizza has been in her family for decades. She wound up settling in Chicago (where she met her husband) and has worked in some of the city’s finest Neapolitan pizza shops. Her namesake – Nella Pizza e Pasta – has been in Hyde Park for several years now, […]

The Modernist Cuisine Team Tackles Pizza


After more than four years, the team from Modernist Cuisine outside of Seattle has produced an impressive body of work on all things pizza. Modernist Pizza is three volumes, plus a recipe manual, containing history, science and pizza intel from around the globe here (even if the Chicago chapter left me a little cold). It’s […]

Best of 2020


We’re taking a long look back at 2020, a year we’d just as soon like to forget. But these four interviews were unforgettable – full of insight, advice and history. We talk with pizza writer Arthur Bovino (@nycbestpizza) about how he goes about covering his beat; John Arena discusses the finer points of Sicilian from […]

London’s Pizza Pilgrims Document Pizza Quest in New Book


Thom and James Elliot fell hard for Neapolitan pizza, and decided to buy a small van and drive through Italy, discovering and learning all they could about pizza making. The result is “Pizza” a new book about their adventures, which include a few cities in the U.S. They now have 14 locations of their Pizza […]

Nick Krunkkala & Caroline Zeller from Oysterhead Pizza Co in Damariscotta, ME


Chefs Nick Krunkkala and Caroline Zeller are the driving force behind Oysterhead Pizza Co., a tiny shop perched above the flowing Damariscotta River, about an hour-and-a-half north of Portland. This vacation town now has a serious pizzeria, where the dough is thoughtfully made and the wood-fired (rotating) deck oven burns a bit lower than your […]

Noah Sandoval from Pizza Friendly Pizza


Noah Sandoval has to be the only two-star Michelin chef currently making pizza. His fine dining restaurant – Oriole – was taking a break during the pandemic, so he and his business partners came up with a new take on Sicilian pizza, previously unseen in Chicago. With complete humility, he reached out to an expert […]

Mike Keon from OTTO in Portland, ME


Mike Keon and his business partner, Anthony Allen, founded Otto Pizza in 2009 in Portland, Maine. Over the past decade, they’ve expanded in New England, due in part to their creative take on toppings – including bacon, mashed potatoes and scallions, among others. Steve spoke with Mike just a few yards from the original store […]

Michael Zaffiro from Zaffiro’s in Milwaukee, WI


Michael Zaffiro was born into the pizza business. His family has run Zaffiro’s for more than 60 years, satisfying a local craving for thin and crispy, square-cut “bar pies” that rule in the Midwest. He shares a few family secrets in this very candid interview.

Emily and Chris from Slab Sicilian Street Food in Portland, ME


Steve Lanzalotta created a unique Sicilian-style of pan pizza while working at Micucci Grocery in Portland, Maine, but after a falling-out, left to continue that tradition with partners Emily Kingsbury and Chris Bassett at Slab Sicilian Street Food, located in the old Public Market. You can get one pound slices, four pound half sheets or […]

Thomas McNaughton from Flour + Water Pizzeria in San Francisco


Thomas McNaughton has had success with Flour + Water in San Francisco for more than a decade, but he wanted something more substantial than the delicate Neapolitan pies from that wood-burning oven. His latest – Flour + Water Pizzeria, in the Mission – emphasizes long fermentation, wet dough and electric ovens, to produce some glorious […]

Jonathan Goldsmith from Spacca Napoli in Chicago


For the past 15 years, Jonathan Goldsmith has led the charge for authentic Neapolitan pizzas in Chicago at Spacca Napoli, a result of spending several years living and working in Italy alongside master pizzaiolos. But he got a late start in life, after spending many years in academia and clinical social work. He continues to […]

Neal DeNardi from Long Bridge Pizza in San Francisco


Neal DeNardi spent years working for various heavy hitters in San Francisco’s pizza world: Pizza Hacker, Tony Gemignani, Del Popolo among them. His hard work led to the birth of his own place – Long Bridge Pizza – located in the Dogpatch neighborhood just south of downtown. If you miss the large, semi-greasy NYC-style slices […]

The @eatfreepizza gang from Pizza Fried Chicken Ice Cream in Chicago


When friends Brad Shorten, Cecily Rodriguez and Billy Federighi started @eatfreepizza on Instagram, they were known for giving away their handmade, artisan pies to their fans. Fast forward two years, and they’re now making a legit East Coast Sicilian with a crispy undercarriage and a focaccia-like interior, from their take out window in Bridgeport. Pizza […]

Mark Hopper from Farmshop Marin in Larkspur, CA


This week, Steve takes the ferry from San Francisco’s Ferry Building Market, for a peaceful 30-minute ride up to Larkspur, where Chef Mark Hopper has been working tirelessly on a pair of outstanding pizzas: one emerging from a wood-fired oven, the other a near perfect Sicilian square with lots of chew and crunch. Farmshop Marin […]

Noam Grossman from Norm’s in Brooklyn


Noam Grossman grew up in New Jersey, eating cheese pizzas on a weekly basis. His love of pizza grew into not one, but two successful operations: Upside, in Midtown Manhattan, and now Norm’s in downtown Brooklyn. In both cases, he is focused on high quality ingredients sourced from the best artisans. At Norm’s, he’s offering […]

A Pair of Alternative “Pizzas” with Mid-East, Mediterranean Origins


Steve takes a slightly different approach to the term “pizza” this week, as he checks out the za’atar manoushe from Z & Z in Washington D.C., then a classic Turkish lahmacun from Turkitch in Chicago. Both are essentially flatbreads with savory toppings. But are they pizza?

Avery Ruzicka from Manresa Bread in Campbell, CA


When you’re part of the Manresa group – a widely celebrated 3-star Michelin rated restaurant in Los Gatos, California – you focus on ingredients and technique. Avery Ruzicka has worked with Chef David Kinch for almost a decade, but over the past few years she’s been focused on Manresa Bread, with three locations in Silicon […]

Tommy DeGrezia from Sofia Pizza Shoppe in Manhattan


Steve sits down with one half of the team behind Sofia Pizza Shoppe, on the East Side of Manhattan, just North of the United Nations. Tommy DeGrezia is the force behind the “Doughdici,” as well as a number of creative slices at this tiny shop on 1st Avenue. Known for their ideal NYC triangles and […]

Danny Stoller & Mark Shechter from Square Pie Guys in San Francisco


Steve talks with the friends and partners behind Square Pie Guys, one of the latest Detroit-inspired pizzerias in San Francisco. They freely admit they take some liberties with the rules (no brick cheese, for instance) and have built their brand partly via the pop-ups they did and on Instagram.

Rosanna D’Amato from D’Amato’s Bakery in Chicago


Rosanna D’Amato is the 3rd generation of her family to run the namesake bakery on the Near West Side of Chicago. Known for their coal-fired oven, D’Amato’s produces some of the best sandwich bread and focaccia, but they also produce a Sicilian pan “bakery” pizza that is one-of-a-kind. Steve talks to Rosanna about how she […]

Dave Acocella from Philomena’s in New York City


Dave Acocella has spent a lifetime in the restaurant business, but waited until he was 50 before opening his own pizza place. Philomena’s offers both traditional wedges and Roman-style squares, airy and light, with incredible crunch and chew. Despite most of his training on wood-fired ovens, his dexterity with ovens, and his embrace of the […]

Tony Gemignani From Tony’s Pizza Napoletana & Capo’s in San Francisco


Tony Gemignani has won multiple championships in Italy for his pizza making prowess, but he’s also authored books on the subject, teaches would-be pizzaiolos how to make various styles (and certifies them) all while overseeing a pair of San Francisco pizzerias that produce upwards of 17 styles of regional pizza between them. Steve spent an […]

Dan Costello From Home Run Inn in Chicago


Steve talks with Dan Costello, the President and CEO of Home Run Inn, one of the nation’s largest frozen pizza companies (in 40 states), but also the great grandson of the founders of this Chicago-based pizzeria. They started on the city’s Southwest Side, offering square-cut, thin pizzas, which have come to define Chicago pizza (among […]

Massimo Laviglia from L’industrie in Brooklyn


Steve talks with Massimo Laviglia, proud son of Tuscany, who only moved to the U.S. in 2012. His story of hard work, perserverence and most important of all, his courage to ask for help from some of New York’s top pizza makers, ended up saving his fledgling business from going under. Laviglia is now widely […]

Derrick Tung from Paulie Gee’s Logan Square in Chicago


Derrick Tung gave up med school, then a promising career in healthcare administration to pursue his love of pizza. He reached out Paulie Gee in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, seeking his advice, and it led to a partnership in Chicago. Tung has expanded beyond the store’s usual wood-fired pies to include a remarkable Detroit-style that’s winning awards.

Paulie Gee from Paulie Gee’s in Brooklyn


Steve sits down with Paulie Gee, of the namesake wood-fired pizzeria in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, at his new slice joint just a couple of blocks away. Paulie talks about ditching his corporate I.T. job for a life in pizza. He has become a mentor to many young pizza makers in the country, and has even sprouted […]

John Arena from Metro Pizza in Las Vegas


Steve sits down with John Arena, a native New Yorker who moved to Las Vegas 40 years ago to make his name in pizza. What he learned along the way was invaluable, and he’s taught a generation of young pizza makers how to navigate the business. As the owner of Metro Pizza, he’s also overseen […]

Arthur Bovino – Pizza Writer, Author & Force Behind @nycbestpizza


Steve talks with Arthur Bovino, the guy behind, @nycbestpizza and the driving force behind The Daily Meal’s annual “101 Best Pizzas in America” list. They met at Leo in Williamsburg, to try some Roman pizza, and talk about the business of covering the pizza world in New York City.

Vincent Rotolo from Good Pie in Las Vegas


Steve talks with Vincent Rotolo, the driving force behind Good Pie in Las Vegas’ Pawn Plaza. Rotolo is a native New Yorker (grew up working at John’s on Bleeker) who brought his love and passion for pizza to the desert. He is part of a growing roster of pizza makers there, raising the level of […]

Leo Spizzirri from The North American Pizza & Culinary Academy


Leo Spizzirri is the driving force behind only the second North American branch of the famed Scuola Italiana Pizzaioli. This pizza school has a location in San Francisco, but Spizzirri now has an accredited program about 45 min. west of downtown Chicago. He talks about how he got into the business, fell in love with […]

Jared Leonard from Grabowski’s Pizzeria in Denver


Steve talks with Chicago native Jared Leonard about his latest pizzeria – Grabowski’s – located in the RiNo District of Denver. Leonard is bringing the pizza of his childhood (that means tavern-style, thin, square-cut pizzas) to his newly adopted home.

Adam Sweet from King Dough in Indianapolis


Steve talks with Adam Sweet, an Arkansas native who ended up in Indiana. His first King Dough started on the campus of Indiana University, but he more recently opened in Indianapolis, directly across the street from Smoking Goose Meatery, a world-class producer of cured and smoked meats, and the collaboration has been a delicious one.

The Iconic Pizzas of New Haven


Steve travels to New Haven, CT, home to Yale, as well as some of the most revered pizza joints in the country. He meets up with Colin Caplan, the author of “Pizza in New Haven” and Owner of Taste of New Haven Tours. Steve (and a few lucky contest winners) learn about the city’s unique […]

Marc Malnati from Lou Malnati’s in Chicago


Steve talks with Marc Malnati, President and CEO of Lou Malnati’s, the mammoth deep-dish pizza group started by his father in 1971. With more than 50 locations, Lou’s has become the largest deep-dish slinger in the country, and as Marc explains, their approach is more independently-minded than that of a large chain. Marc tells the […]

Steven Dilley from Bufalina in Austin, TX


Steve talks with Steven Dilley, the owner of Bufalina and Bufalina Due in Austin, Texas. Dilley’s parents are Italian and Taiwanese, so he has a unique perspective on food; his experience in the financial world in New York City, combined with some traveling and research in Naples, led to Bufalina in 2013 in East Austin. […]

Chris Bianco from The Manufactory in L.A. and Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix


Steve talks to Chris Bianco – of Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix – about his new collaboration with Tartine Bakery’s Chad Robertson and Elizabeth Prueitt, in The Manufactory in downtown L.A. He’s focusing on flatbreads, rather than the wood-fired pies he’s known for, but the scale of the operation is mighty impressive.

Michael Schwartz from Genuine Pizza in Miami


Steve talks to Chef Michael Schwartz, the owner of Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink in Miami and Cleveland. Schwartz’s new book, “Genuine Pizza: Better Pizza at Home” just came out, and Schwartz was in Chicago recently, doing a takeover of one of the ovens at Pacific Standard Time. He talks about some of the must-have […]

Robert Garvey from Robert’s Pizza & Dough Co. in Chicago


Robert Garvey is an engineer-turned-playwright-turned-pizzaiolo, who grew up in Queens with a slice-a-day habit. Moving to Chicago in 1993, he started tinkering with dough recipes and spent the next decade or so, tweaking his recipe until he got it right. He recently re-opened his namesake pizzeria in Chicago after being closed for nearly two years, […]

Justin De Leon from Apollonia’s Pizza in L.A.


Steve talks with Justin De Leon, a former professional photographer who has married his love of photography with his passion for pizza. Having grown up with heavy pizza in Monterey Park, he has spent years developing his Sicilian/Angeleno squares at Apollonia’s, which have enormous interior crumb and impossibly high cheese fricos around the lacy edges. […]

Anthony Falco: International Pizza Consultant


Anthony Falco was one of the founders of the beloved Roberta’s, in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Over the past three years, he has become a pizzaiolo for-hire. He’s set up new pizzerias all over the world, and continues to create new, artisan options for some pizza shops in the U.S. as well. We met at Upside Pizza, […]

Dan Richer from Razza in Jersey City, NJ


Dan Richer’s pizzas have been praised by The New York Times (which awarded the restaurant 3 stars) as well as the Italian-based 50 Top Pizzas list (where his place landed at #1 in North America). His meticulousness and attention to his craft has won him fans around the country; he recently did a series of pop-ups […]

Frank Tuttolomondo from Mama’s Too! in New York City


Steve talks with Frank Tuttolomondo, owner of Mama’s TOO! on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Frank’s family has owned Mama’s Pizza nearby for nearly 60 years, but his approach to pizza making is far different. He experiments with hydration levels, baking technique and fermentation, but also offers a more artisan approach to Sicilian and […]

Rich Aronson from My Pi in Chicago


Steve talks with Rich Aronson, the 2nd generation owner of My Pi, which was started by his father, Larry, in 1971. Rich talks about how they were the first deep-dish outside of Illinois, then shrank back to just one location. His father’s meticulousness – he was a 3rd generation baker – led to all sorts […]

Mark Iacono from Lucali in Brooklyn


Steve sits down with Mark Iacono, one of New York City’s most revered pizza makers. Iacono designed Lucali in Carroll Gardens to resemble a pizzeria from the 1940s. Everything may look old, but it’s all new. His handmade, wood-fired oven is the star attraction – more curved than domed – and some of Brooklyn’s most […]

Gina Pianetto from Pat’s Pizza in Chicago


On this episode, Steve talks with Gina Pianetto, the 3rd generation owner of Pat’s Pizza in Chicago, which started making Chicago tavern (thin) pizza in 1950. They talk about carrying on the tradition her grandfather set forth, and how her father altered the thickness of the dough and length of time in the cooler (six days) to get their signature, cracker-thin crust – the OG Chicago style pizza.

Michele Forgione from Pizzeria GEMA in Montreal


On this episode, Steve talks with Michele Forgione, the owner of Pizzeria GEMA in Montreal. His artisan pizza uses a lot of Canadian ingredients, but more importantly, they’re making many of the toppings themselves, including curing their own meats. They also avoid using wood, so they have more control over the finished product.

Ann Kim from Pizzeria Lola & Hello Pizza in Minneapolis


Steve talks with Ann Kim, the owner of Pizzeria Lola, Hello Pizza and Young Joni, all in Minneapolis. Kim attended Columbia University in New York, studied law for a year, wanted to become an actress, but realized her true calling was in the culinary world. She opened Lola eight years ago, focusing on wood-burning, artisan […]

Franco Stanzione from Stanzione 87 in Miami


On this week’s show, Steve talks with Franco Stanzione, owner of Stanzione 87 in Miami. Franco takes an Old World approach to Neapolitan pizza-making, and goes a few steps further, making his own mozzarella in-house, and fermenting his dough up to 72 hours. The results are instantly noticeable. The only problem: a general lack of […]

Matthew Hyland from Pizza Loves Emily, Emmy Squared & Violet in NYC


Matthew Hyland, the chef/owner of three unique pizzerias in New York: Pizza Loves Emily, Emmy Squared and Violet. At Pizza Loves Emily in Brooklyn, they focus on wood-fired artisan pies; at Emmy Squared (with locations in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Nashville) it’s all about Detroit-inspired square pies with caramelized cheese borders. Their latest project – Violet – honors the Providence, RI tradition of grilled pizza, which started at Al Forno.

Dave Lichterman from Windy City Pie & Breezy Town Pizza in Seattle


I travel to Seattle to talk with former Chicagoan Dave Lichterman, a computer science engineer who worked for Amazon for about eight years before deciding to pursue his lifelong passion of pizza making. Dave has two businesses – Windy City Pie and Breezy Town Pizza – where he and his staff experiment with homemade giardiniera, cooked pineapple, sausage ground in-house and candied bacon as toppings, while also using all-natural sourdough starters and other artisan techniques to create their deep, pan pizzas.

Wes Pikula from Buddy’s in Detroit


Steve talks with Wes Pikula, the V.P. of Operations at Buddy’s, ground zero for the Detroit style of pizza that has spread across the U.S. Started in 1946, Pikula explains how this Sicilian original morphed into the rectangular pie we know today.

Justin Bazdarich from Speedy Romeo in New York City


Steve talks with Justin Bazdarich, the owner/founder of Speedy Romeo, with two locations in New York City, about how he combines an artisan, wood-fired pie with the ingredients of his Midwestern childhood.

Rich Labriola from Labriola in Chicago


Rich Labriola talks about how he reengineered the classic Chicago deep-dish to have more flavor without the bulky, heavy dough. His sauce, sausage and cheese recipes are all unique among Chicago-area pizza makers.

pizza city USA

Daniele Uditi from Pizzana in L.A.


Steve chats with Daniele Uditi from Pizzana in L.A. about incorporating his training from some of the best pizzerias in Campania with his family bakery’s traditional bread recipes.

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