Pizza City (the podcast)

Every other Friday, Steve talks to some of the world’s greatest pizzaiolos, bakers and artisans about their craft. Hear their backstories, discover their secrets, techniques and inspirations, while listening to their meticulous process as they describe how they make their truly sublime pizzas.

Matthew Hyland from Pizza Loves Emily, Emmy Squared & Violet in NYC


Matthew Hyland, the chef/owner of three unique pizzerias in New York: Pizza Loves Emily, Emmy Squared and Violet. At Pizza Loves Emily in Brooklyn, they focus on wood-fired artisan pies; at Emmy Squared (with locations in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Nashville) it’s all about Detroit-inspired square pies with caramelized cheese borders. Their latest project – Violet – honors the Providence, RI tradition of grilled pizza, which started at Al Forno.

Dave Lichterman from Windy City Pie & Breezy Town Pizza in Seattle


I travel to Seattle to talk with former Chicagoan Dave Lichterman, a computer science engineer who worked for Amazon for about eight years before deciding to pursue his lifelong passion of pizza making. Dave has two businesses – Windy City Pie and Breezy Town Pizza – where he and his staff experiment with homemade giardiniera, cooked pineapple, sausage ground in-house and candied bacon as toppings, while also using all-natural sourdough starters and other artisan techniques to create their deep, pan pizzas.

Wes Pikula from Buddy’s in Detroit


Steve talks with Wes Pikula, the V.P. of Operations at Buddy’s, ground zero for the Detroit style of pizza that has spread across the U.S. Started in 1946, Pikula explains how this Sicilian original morphed into the rectangular pie we know today.

Justin Bazdarich from Speedy Romeo in New York City


Steve talks with Justin Bazdarich, the owner/founder of Speedy Romeo, with two locations in New York City, about how he combines an artisan, wood-fired pie with the ingredients of his Midwestern childhood.

Rich Labriola from Labriola in Chicago


Rich Labriola talks about how he reengineered the classic Chicago deep-dish to have more flavor without the bulky, heavy dough. His sauce, sausage and cheese recipes are all unique among Chicago-area pizza makers.

Daniele Uditi from Pizzana in L.A.


Steve chats with Daniele Uditi from Pizzana in L.A. about incorporating his training from some of the best pizzerias in Campania with his family bakery’s traditional bread recipes.