FRIDAYS ONLY from 5:00PM – 7:30PM | 2.5 HOURS

It’s not just any ol’ Chicago walking tour. Learn fun facts about Chicago’s history and see some of Chicago’s most impressive architecture up close. But on top of that, taste the best variety of Chicago pizza, learn the history of Downtown Chicago’s finest pizzerias, and maybe have a chat with one of the owners!

Meet your Doughcent at Robert’s Pizza & Dough Co. (465 N. McClurg Court) by the host stand at the front entrance. They’ll be wearing a black “Pizza City USA” shirt. You’ll check in (please arrive 10 min. early, as we have a lot of pizza to get to!) then experience three pizzerias showcasing three different styles of pizza. (Note: soda & alcohol are not included in ticket price).

Highlights include a classic Chicago deep-dish with a twist, an artisan-style and a classic Neapolitan. Included in your tour price is a custom souvenir lanyard and badge so you can track all of the pizzerias on your tour and tag them on Instagram. Your badge is also good for a discount at one of our favorite pizzerias in town for future use, as well as a free beer at a micro brewery a block away from our final stop.

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